RFID Tag Store

The RFID Tag Store is a comprehensive website that sells RFID tags and labels in various form factors for all applications. Unique tags for specific applications, and tagging solutions to meet the application requirement.

A Store is a group of industry leading consultant and application professionals, with years of experience in RFID systems, implementations, and real world tagging experience. Regardless of your application and needs, The Store has a tag to meet your identification needs.

RFID Applications

RFID Applications

Working with all leading tag, label and IC manufactures, A Store can deliver RFID tags, NFC tags or labels to meet your application requirements. We also offer unique and tailor made tags, labels, keyfobs and wristbands for specific applications.

A Store is not just another online reseller, we are application specialists that provide unique tags and labels, along with tag solutions that are exclusive to The Store.



Systems Integration for complete RFID systems is possible; A Store has alliances and networks with qualified independent systems integrators throughout North America, to fully install all aspects of a complete and integrated RFID system.

Our RFID blog will focus on various tags, labels, and forms of RFID tags and NFC technology. We will showcase and provide real case scenarios of the various applications that use Radio Frequency Identification, and Near Field Communications (NFC).

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Systems Integration


What is the difference between NFC and RFID?

As we set up shop and our website, we are available immediately for any product requests. Feel free to contact us at any time, contact details are listed on the RFID tag store blog, and on The RFID Tag Store website here